How to reduce gas costs and save energy

How to reduce gas costs and save energy

During the winter months, you might be wondering how you will budget for high gas prices and rising costs of living. The earlier you begin reducing your gas bills, the more you will save.
To keep your gas bill low, we outline some simple but practical steps
Adjust the water temperature to a lower setting

Does the water coming out of your taps ever feel too hot to touch? This means you’re likely wasting gas and not helping yourself reduce your gas bill. Turn down the temperature of the water on your boiler a few degrees until your boiler reaches the optimum setting. 

Lowering the temperature of the hot water coming out of your faucets and shower heads will help you save energy over weeks and months. It’s well worth setting your hot water to a lower temperature if you can.

Turn on heating only when needed

The idea that you should keep your heating on low all day is a myth, so be aware of when to turn your heating off completely. It is recommended that you turn on your heating only when you are going to need it in order to reduce your gas bill – whether you are using a timer or you are manually turning it on.

Place furniture away from radiators

Make sure that large pieces of furniture are kept away from radiators in order to keep warm air circulating in the room. Otherwise, you will have to keep your home heated for a longer period of time. The heat will flow around the room much more efficiently and effectively if you move your sofa even six inches away from the radiator.

It is estimated that this can save you up to 10% on your utility bills. It is always better to leave a bit of space between furniture and radiators.

Ensure that your home is well insulated

In order for your home to become more energy efficient, it is important to make sure it is well insulated. The key to having a low-energy home is to make sure that every part of the house is as energy efficient as possible, this includes your roof, walls, floors, windows and doors.

There are also a lot of things you can do to keep chilly rooms warm, such as putting a few extra rugs on the floor or using draught excluder tape to block draughts coming through cracks in the door or cracks in the wall.

Leave appliances off when not in use

Many appliances draw power even when they’re in standby mode. According to British Gas, UK households waste an average of £30 a year on appliances that aren’t even in use. The Energy Saving Trust, on the other hand, believes you can save even more.

Don’t forget to turn off all your appliances, such as printers and washing machines, before you go to bed. Make sure that all the appliances that you don’t use on a regular basis are turned off. By doing this, you will avoid sneaky ways of consuming energy and raising your bills.

Ensure that heating systems are maintained

Having a yearly gas service performed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer can also help you reduce your gas bill. Maintaining your boiler on a regular basis will keep it in good working condition. A service performed by an engineer involves checking, cleaning, and replacing parts before a problem arises.

The regular maintenance of a system is not just necessary to keep your gas bill low — it’s also essential to ensure your home’s safety and efficiency. ‘An efficient boiler consumes less energy to heat a home, so regular maintenance can help you save money on your energy bills.’

A boiler service is especially important after a summer of infrequent use, since failure could lead to faults and higher energy bills.

You should replace your old boiler

The time might be right for you to consider replacing your boiler if it is more than 12-15 years old, expensive to run, and keeps breaking down. Heating our homes accounts for more than half of our annual household energy bills. Having an economical and energy-efficient heating system is crucial, both for reducing gas bills and for the environment.

Even though a new boiler is expensive, it is a good investment since it will significantly reduce your utility bills.

As a result, a more efficient boiler uses less fuel, reducing the carbon footprint of your home,”

Get your annual boiler service scheduled if you haven’t already. Boiler service or repair can only be performed by a qualified Gas Safe engineer. At SS Boiler Installation we have qualified boiler engineers.
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