What is TRV ?

What is TRV ?

Each room’s temperature can be controlled individually with a thermostatic radiator valve. Traditional (manual) TVs help you reduce energy costs.

Smart Heating
What a TRV can do for you ?

By installing a thermostatic radiator valve in each room, you will be able to control the temperature in each room independently. Our quotes always include traditional (manual) TVs because they are an effective way of saving energy bills because you don’t have to heat rooms that aren’t being used as much, so they really can help save you a lot of money. The thermostat can also be adjusted so that the temperature can be increased in a particular room, for example in the nursery of a new baby. Smart heating is a new generation of heating equipment which allows you to install digital TVs on the radiators so that you are able to control all of your heating from a distance.

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