Travel Guide: Explore London like a pro

Never stop exploring

Unable to locate yourself? Have you missed your tube stop? When did the rain start pouring?Ahhh! Travel phases.

Don’t give up just yet, you still have your stunning rental apartment in Pimlico.

We will ensure that you have the cosy home experience with our stay even if the weather is not on your side. Here are a few tips for navigating the city and avoiding tourist traps.

Take the tube like a Londoner

Tube lines in London are divided into zones. Zone 1 is in the city centre, while Zone 9 is on the outskirts.

This is a geographical system that divides the city into distinct areas based on travel connections and proximity to the centre. Zone 1 is home to most hotels and attractions. Zone 6 is the closest to Heathrow Airport, and Zone 9 is the farthest.

Visit TFL’s fare breakdown page for up-to-date information on fares.

You can buy a TFL Oyster Card or use a contactless payment card. If you’re planning on doing a lot of travelling, a day pass or a week pass may be your best option. Consider getting a 7-day pass to zones 1-4 if you’re staying four or more days, just in case you want to explore further afield.

Visit TFL’s visitor shop for more information:


Give priority to busy commuters

Let’s talk Tube etiquette while we’re at it. As you approach the escalators, stay on the right-hand side and stay in single file, then those who are in a hurry can walk on the left. This will make Londoners happy and you won’t get caught up in a crowd. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Save money by skipping the double decker tours!

While you don’t see ‘London Tour’ on the side of those famous red double decker buses, you’ll pass famous sites with your all-day (TFL) pass. The great thing about exploring London’s landmarks on your own is that it’s much more rewarding. Stop where you’re interested, and pay significantly less to explore the city at your own pace. Your holiday apartment is the perfect place to plan your route. Make a list of things you got to see in London, and bring your travel books or magazines.

Our holiday apartments are near all the major attractions, so book one with us.

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