How success is measured

How success is measured

The key to success is identifying and utilising your personal assets

Usually, most people think that success is measured by the strength of skills and capabilities any one person or business have. however, this is true in some sense but the more advanced and solid view is that success is measured by the efficient use of capabilities someone or some business have.

For example, if someone was not very good at school, that person has always earned bad grades and never went to university, however he is good at managing people, he is good in talking to people, understanding people behaviour, the responses people give in different situations is his most understanding thing, he measured responses of these behaviours in his mind regularly and takes an overview of his thoughts through news and general talk shows on TV or the games he regularly follows. Even though this is the only capability he has and even he could not proof he is good at it and no one recognised his capability he may still be able to find way’s how he pursues a path using this capability to become a successful entrepreneur or a good sales man in a company.

So, the success is to identify your personal goods and using those with at-most strength to overcome weaknesses to become a good social character is what a successful person requires.

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