Information Governance

Information Governance

Protecting your personal information is our number one priority

IG is a hot topic now a day’s-people are very much concerned about their personal information being stolen or used wrongly by the scammers or businesses who get hold of it during their interactions with individuals through business transactions or through contracting goods and services.

It is of special concern to me as being a small business owner, because I have been kept asked by the potential customers about the security of their personal and business information. The business owners are rightly worried because of changing techniques used by information thieves to misuse the information once they have it.

Unfortunately, some businesses are also involved in passing on the personal information of individuals or businesses they have delt in the past to the companies who use the information for so many reasons—also it is sometimes to level up the score or to get extra benefit from each opportunity of bringing them economic benefits.

We at PurchaseWize take full care of your personal information and guarantee the use of it only to conduct our business—We believe nothing is more important to us then protecting the personal information of our clients and highly valued trade secrets for which you have placed your trust on us.

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