What is a domain

What is a domain

Domain is the name of the website— like www.anyname.com or www.anyname.co.uk or www.anyname.uk this name goes into the browser to bring back the search result in the form of a website.

.Com stands for commercial and co.uk Company.UK and .UK stands for United Kingdom. If the business in intended to UK only then it is ok to choose.co.uk or .uk—however if you want to go international with your business you must also buy .com domain even you are not going international in the near future.

Domain name is unique like mobile number or address and cannot be like people name which can be one name for number of people.

Domain name has a significance and could be bought or sold—a really good domain name which matches the vision and strategy of a business can help grow business very fast.

People choose domain names for so many reasons—like some people chose their name as domain name by adding their initials or initials of their children name followed by the service name they supposed to provide through their website or just their surname like the company, first named PC’s Limited, was founded in 1984 by American Michael Dell, who chose his business name as his surname Dell later buying the same domain name for his business website.

Others choose to give their business a name so people feel a good vibe of their product offerings like the winner of apprentice Harpreet Kaur who gave the name to her business ohsoyum.co.uk.

The only problem with non-relevant business names is that they must have a unique selling point which is known as USP, otherwise they may have to spend lot of money on branding and marketing of their business.

Best of luck in choosing a perfect website name as this could be the start of a good business as most names are not very attractive and attractive names are hard to get—however this is not the end of the world—be positive—really think hard and research well to get a good name.

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