What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting?

Every website which has to go on world wide web no matter how big or small it is must need a domain name and web hosting which guarantees its running on the internet.

Domain names are like business’s street address. It is where people visit your website as they use your business address to visit you personally.

 Once a business buys a domain name to build a website which will look like something businessname.uk or businessname.co.uk or businessname.com – this will become a name but you cannot build a website until you have bought a space to put all the content of the website at a place where any visitor from around the world can access all the things like images—text—blogs—business offerings whenever and wherever they like by just typing the website address on world wide web internet service.

As an example, you can think of it as a super store like ASDA where thousands of products of different businesses are available to buy for everyone by just visiting that store or on their online store.

So, think of ASDA as a hosting site for range of different products and think of people as visitors who go in the store to window shop and buy those products by paying a price.

Why Web Hosting.

The website needs to be put on public domain where everyone can access it at any time and most importantly thousands of people can open it whenever and wherever they want, therefore the hosting providers make sure the process runs smoothly.

It is like your computer which saves lots of your files which you have worked on in a number of years—these files are stored in the hard drive of your computer—you can access them anytime of the day.

However, for the website files because these need to be accessed by so many people from any place around the World so they need to be saved at a place where they are accessible without knocking or getting permission from anyone—therefore for that reason the website contents are saved on large servers which are kind of computer hard drive but on a larger scale and accessible to everyone by typing the website address on the internet which links them to your website.

Remember few important things!

  • Website is a property and most important asset of any business.
  • It needs to be secure and easy to be accessed.
  • Getting a good hosting means offering secure and smooth access to the website for its visitors.
  • Good hosting and most relevant domain name add value to any business.


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